Kliss Hose Holder from FastCap

The Kliss Hose holder from FastCap

Here’s an inexpensive and well-designed accessory that helps keep a shop organized and dust-free. It’s a $4.50 hose clip for a small vacuum hose, and it was designed by a cabinetmaker on the shop floor. It’s an excellent solution to dust collection on portable power tools, and also works well for stationary workstations such as a pocket hole jig or biscuit joiner.

Anyone who has ever tripped on a vacuum hose or is tired of constantly picking one up off the floor will appreciate the Kliss Hose Holder, which works with hoses from manufacturers such as Festool, Fein, Makita, and Milwaukee. It’s also compatible with MFT tables, and it can be screwed in at any angle so it’s a quick and easy management system for any small vacuum hose.

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