Milescraft SawGuide

The Milescraft SawGuide

This very affordable ($14.99, item 1403) accessory is a serious improvement on the flimsy bar guides that come with many portable saws. It lets a woodworker make long cuts in sheet stock close to the edge of the panel without the use of a table saw, so it’s an especially handy item for job-site use. It can guide cuts up to 14” wide on a circular saw, and 11-1/2” wide using a jigsaw. Users can set up a saw quickly to make straight, angled, bevel, and rip cuts. And when it’s flipped over, the SawGuide lets the operator cut perfect circles from 4” to 24” diameter with a jigsaw.

The guide’s universal non-slip base pads hold most saw brands firmly and it can be configured on either side of the tool (left or right). The long fence makes contact from about the middle of a circular saw blade to several inches ahead of the cut, so it guides the saw all the way through the cut for clean entry and exit cuts. The guide bar is 16″ (410mm) long and 1/8″ (3mm) thick, and metal clamps secure the saw to the jig’s base. There’s a removable Bevel Foot for saws that don’t have a flat base, and the guide has pivot holes to locate a nail for cutting a circle with a jigsaw. Perhaps the best feature is the exclusive thumb lever micro-adjustment that works like a ratchet clamp and lets the woodworker adjust the width of a cut in 1/8″ increments without any tools – which is especially handy if you need to quickly switch the saw kerf to the other side of a pencil line. There’s a short YouTube™ video on this product.