Mini Jig Pocket Hole System from Armor Tool

The Mini Jig Pocket Hole System from Armor Tool

On September 1st, Armor Tool will release its new, highly portable, very innovative mini pocket joinery jig (SKU: APJ700). Listed at $49.99, the package includes a hard case, the Mini-Jig itself, a two-step drill bit, a drill bit collar, an Allen wrench and fifty assorted screws.

This self-adjusting system establishes the drill guide setting and drill bit collar based on the thickness of the material being used. The material is measured by the built-in calipers in the jog. So, unlike most competing jigs, there’s no manual setting, measuring, or adjusting.

The magic of the Mini-Jig is in its ability to clamp varying thicknesses without manually readjusting between sizes. Once the part is in the caliper, the woodworker just needs to tighten the drill collar and it’s ready to clamp and drill. The Mini-Jig also features a color-coded screw system. Just look on the jig at the color indicated, and then use that color screw. Each length of screw has a different color, and the system indicates the best screw size to use according to the thickness of the material. The Color-Coat technology also offers anti-corrosive protection, and the hardened steel drill guides offer a lifetime warranty. The jig body is built with glass filled nylon, a stamped steel subframe and metal injection molded steel gears. There’s a reversible edge guide that locates the jig against the edge of a board or simply swivels out of the way, and a magnetic clamp pad that makes it easier to hold everything in place while locating the jig. The Allen wrench stores on board, which is especially nice when the jig is being used on a jobsite.

Armor Tool is currently accepting pre-orders for delivery after September 1st, and there’s a short YouTube™ video explaining the jig.

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