The New G0941 Table Saw from Grizzly

This is a 10″, 3 HP, 220V cabinet saw that has a digital readout for the blade angle and large cutting capacities of 36″ to the right of the blade and 18″ to the left. The G0941 has a maximum depth of cut at 90 degrees at 3-3/16″, and an interchangeable riving knife (it can be swapped out for the quick-release blade guard and splitter) to help prevent binding and kickback. The magnetic ON/OFF switch is rail-mounted and has thermal overload protection plus a locking pin and a large safety paddle. The heavy cast-iron trunnions add additional weight to the precision-ground, cast-iron table for greater stability. There’s a heavy-duty one-piece steel stand, a heavy-duty miter gauge, and a 1-year warranty. The G0941 manual was written by a U.S. based team. The maximum thickness at 45 degrees is 2-3/16″, and the arbor speed is 4000 RPM. It can handle a dado set. The table (with the extension wings) is 48-1/4″ wide by 27″ deep and the floor-to-table height is 35″. There’s a 4″ dust port, the approximate shipping weight is 587 lbs., the motor cover is hinged, and the saw has a poly-V serpentine belt drive. The G0941 is made in an ISO 9001 factory, is CSA certified, and is listed at $1,795 +$249 freight.