Spikes and felts from The Paintline

The Paintline Introduces New Spikes, Felts

This is a handy idea. The California based manufacturer of drying racks for cabinet shops has just added some clip-on spikes and felts for its flagship 50- shelf, PDRKD ProDrying Rack. The new accessories protect freshly finished surfaces by minimizing contact with the rack. Both the Spikes and Felts are available now.

Customers can place newly finished cabinet doors right on a rack to dry, to store, or to organize finishing jobs without affecting the integrity or quality of the finish. Spikes or Felts simply snap on to the PDRKD Shelf to minimize the surface area touching the stained or painted part.

The packs include 150 pieces of either the Spikes or Felts, which is enough for 3 per shelf (the company recommends using one on the front and one on each side). To promote the new orange-colored accessories,

The PaintLine is including them at no charge with new PDRKD drying shelf orders until July 31st.