The Quick-Snap Dust Separator from Infinity Tools

The Quick-Snap Dust Collector from Infinity Tools

The Quick-Snap Dust Separator separates large debris and very fine dust from the airstream when using a wet/dry vac or extractor. That results in better suction, less emptying of the vac or extractor’s tank, and extended life for filters and collection bags. It combines cyclonic action with a concave baffle design that results in highly efficient separation of both large and very fine particulates. The result is a clean air stream reaching the vacuum, which ensures the vacuum’s performance is not compromised by dirty filters that reduce airflow and sealed suction. Clean filters not only mean better performance, but it also saves time spent removing caked-on debris.

The Separator can used with the company’s Quick-Snap hose and flex adaptor system, but it is also compatible with most brands of wet/dry vac and extractor hoses and cuffs. The 8” upper housing with curved surfaces ensures the debris entering the separator travels freely, avoiding traps where airflow efficiency is reduced. The concave center baffle provides extremely efficient separation and the intake and outlet to the vacuum are designed to be compatible with standard wet-dry domestic vacuums and their hoses such as Rigid™, Shop Vac™, Vacmaster™, Dewalt®, and many other brands. The male end of standard hoses and cuffs will fit into the 2-3/8” inlet, and the outside of the inlet and exit to the vacuum are designed to accept popular 2-1/2” dust collection wire support hoses that are commonly used in home and commercial workshops.

The separator has a 9.5-gallon stainless steel collection drum that is extremely durable and provides a grounding effect. There’s a heavy-duty mobile base permanently affixed to the collection drum, a commercial-grade rubber mounting gasket that ensures against air leaks, and powerful latches that hold the lid tightly to the drum. The Quick-Snap Dust Separator is available with just the unit and the drum (no hoses or adaptors, item 115-281, $299.90), or with a 16′ hose and 4-piece adaptor kit (item 115-280, $359.90).