The Smartest CNC Out There?

CNC Factory in Santa Ana, California has introduced the newest version of its award winning Python XPR, which incorporates 5th generation technology. Users command the Python with a new high definition touch screen, and can program cabinets and cutting. Experienced operators are not needed as the machine can mark and label its own cuts, unload, and be ready for secondary production with no human mistakes. It also communicates with the vacuum system and knows the current vacuum hold-down pressure, which lets it detect warps. The Python XPR (priced at $76,800) cleans the spoilboard in under 30 seconds between cuts, with assisted air blowing. It has a robotic dust hood for the HSD spindle that knows the length of the bit being used and will automatically adjust the dust skirt for the cleanest, safest environment. Its 5th generation technology allows the Python to grow as the woodshop grows with plug-and-play upgrades. These include a robotic unloading arm (direct to edge-bander or stacking), a misting or air system for cutting, a marking and robotic label application, and advance drill blocks. The machine can accept cutting instructions at the control center or directly from G-code, USB, the network, or any office with built-in wireless communication. This makes the new Python compatible with every cabinet software available to date. Here’s a video.