The StealthStop Miter Saw Fence and Stop System from Woodpeckers

The StealthStop Miter Saw Fence and Stop System

Woodpeckers® has introduced a stop system called the StealthStop™ that’s easy to set, doesn’t move, and can flip out of the way without losing position. It also can make very fine adjustments and is simple to adapt to almost any miter saw. The system is built around a new patent-pending micro-adjustable flip stop that is designed to work within the miter gauge slot of the company’s Combo Track. The individual StealthStops can glide along the track and lock in place with the twist of a hex key. When folded down, the stop is completely contained within the slot. Flip it out and it locks square to the track. A micro-adjuster thumbwheel can fine-tune its position with precision.

Woodpeckers has designed three simple-to-install configurations – vertically in the fence, horizontally in the table, or both. The latter option delivers something that no other stop system can – stops that are very close to each other. Specially designed brackets can link the horizontal track to the vertical track at 90° to each other, letting a woodworker locate two stops within a fraction of an inch of each other.

The vertical mount is the easiest and the most familiar – it looks like an ordinary back fence. The installation brackets slide into the back of the track and then screw down to the table. The bracket is also designed to be a convenient storage point for the provided 1/8″ screwdriver-handled hex key. For the horizontal flush mount, just rout a 1/2″ deep groove in the table. Or, for a simpler approach that doesn’t involve cutting into the table, mount the track on top of the work surface and butt 1/2″ plywood up to both sides of the track, creating the same flush surface.

The main components of the StealthStop system are injection-molded with glass-reinforced polycarbonate. All the internal components are either stainless steel or zinc plated. The micro-adjust thumbwheel is turned from brass. The company offers separate single-track kits for the right and left side of a saw (the tape reads from left-to-right or right-to-left). The same goes for the stacked track packages as there’s one for the right and one for the left.

The single-track kits include one 4′ track, five mounting brackets, two stops, a combination inch/metric tape, a 1/8″ screwdriver-handled hex key and mounting hardware. The stacked track kits have all the same components plus a second 4′ track and two more stops. SteathStop is precisely built and carefully inspected in Strongsville, Ohio (just south of Cleveland). For a limited time, Woodpeckers is offering special pre-production pricing on all StealthStop systems.