Side-Clamping guide from Veritas item 05M0940

The Veritas Side-Clamping Honing Guide

The basic tool in any sharpening arsenal is a guide that holds blades and irons at a specific angle for creating both the primary and secondary bevels. (For a free quick primer on how to sharpen planes and chisels, click here.) The new Side-Clamping guide from Lee Valley/Veritas (item 05M0940, $39.50) is a beautiful piece of engineering that lives up to the company’s reputation. It is a piece of modern-day engineering that improves on established designs while maintaining the flexibility of this type of guide. Chisels and plane blades ranging from 1/8″ (3mm) to 2-1/2″ fit securely for accurate honing. The unique three-point holding position also holds odd shapes such as plow and shoulder plane blades.

The guide has two different blade positions (upper and lower) that support most types and lengths of chisels and plane blades in a balanced, ergonomic set-up. Most woodworkers will find that one of these positions are best suited to their specific needs, and they can build a simple jig for that position following the company’s instructions.

There’s a video on YouTube™ about the benefits of the jig, which is made in Canada.