There’s No Need to Remove the Spoilboard with These New Vacuum Cups from BVC

Better Vacuum Cups Inc. in Chino, California ( has introduced two new double-sided vacuum cups that can sit directly on top of the spoil board. These cups mean no more hassle with removing the spoil board and plugging holes, so set-ups can now be done in just seconds. The company has just added two new sizes to its already popular DS132147 cup (center in photo, which WoodEzine covered last August). The new sizes are 50 x 180 mm (item DS50180, at left) and 75 x 180 mm (item DS75180, at right).

The DS50180 ($142) works on top of the spoil board in 35mm height set-ups, and these flat table cups will allow a woodshop to work solid wood or complete tasks such as creating edge details by raising the material up off the table, right on top of the existing spoil board. This lets a shop maximize the flexibility of the flat table. This quarter size flat table vacuum cup can be used to work on parts as small as just under two inches. Note that this cup is not intended for the grid table – it will be used on top of an existing spoil board, or it can have a fitting in the side to run a vacuum hose to it.

The larger DS75180 ($150) can be used to complete parts as small as three inches.

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. was founded by Mike McClaran in January 2005. As a former Biesse technician, his new company first made cups for Biesse machines. Before that, his father and grandfather started the first CR Onsrud dealership on the West Coast so Mike has a lot of longterm connections with CNCs. BVC has recently added some new videos to its website that cover flat/grid tables, pod & rail machines, and plasma routers.