Third Generation Center Scribe

Serious woodworkers are familiar with the work of legendary tool designer John Economaki. The master introduced the first iteration of his innovative CenterScribe (CS-1) back in 1992, which automatically found and marked the center of stock without measuring. He revisited the tool in 2008, upgrading it from brass and wood to anodized aluminum and adding the ability to locate the centers of cylinders and squares. Beyond furniture builders, the CS-2 also hit the right note with woodturners. Now John has redesigned the CenterScribe in anodized aircraft grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with unique aesthetics and a built-in mortise and tenon attachment. This latter allows woodworkers to lay out perfect mortises without arithmetic. It also has a lock knob which can be used when the CS-3 has an outrigger attached so it works like a marking gauge on stock up to 7-7/8” wide.