Carving and 3D printing books from Linden

Three New Books for Woodworkers – Two on Carving and One on 3D Printing

The first of three new titles from Linden is a guide to 3D printers. The second was just published on June 8th and is a compendium of woodcarving projects for kids, and the third book will be released in October and addresses useful projects that can be carved when one is camping, hiking or hunting.

3D Printers for Woodworkers – A Short Introduction, was authored by Henry Doolittle. This is a 6” x 9” paperback (ISBN 978-1-933502-03-8, $17.95) and it has color photographs and a searchable Index. It’s designed exclusively for woodworking hobbyists, with practical advice on how to use a printer to fabricate custom tools and project parts. The book covers the history and development of 3D printing and offers detailed comparisons of various printer models. It includes numerous schematics for tools useful to woodworkers, plus information on 3D printing molds and hardware such as drawer pulls, hinges, slides, and shims. Doolittle is a mechanical engineer and has been a woodworking hobbyist for 20 years.

Let’s Carve! Safe and Fun Woodcarving Projects for Kids (ISBN 978-0-941936-36-1, $21.95) is an 8-1/2” x 11” book by Robin Edward Trudel. This is a sfun and creative introduction to woodcarving for children age 4 and up. Requiring only a few tools, some inspiration and adult supervision, the projects are kid-safe and designed for beginners. Children will be able to complete these age-appropriate designs all by themselves and learn some life-long skills. From clothespin chompers to string puppets and a push penguin, each of the 16 core projects includes both a basic and an advanced version. Many also provide alternate ideas that can be applied to new projects. Trudel is a woodcarver, woodcarving teacher, and former president of the New England Wood Carvers. He is the author of two previous books, Carving for Kids and Easy Carving Projects for Kids.

The third title, Bushcraft Whittling – Projects for Carving Useful Tools at Camp and in the Field, is by Rick Wiebe. This is a 5” x 7” paperback (ISBN 978-1-61035-992-4, $16.95) that’s an easy and fun introduction to a self-sufficiency skill for hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Bushcraft whittling is the art of shaping improvised campsite and hiking implements and it requires no special tools or complex techniques. It uses any wood that comes to hand and shows how to make tinder, tent pegs, walking sticks, roasting sticks, digging tools and more, some of which can be lifesavers on the trail.  Wiebe, a master whittler, shows step-by-step how anyone with a pocketknife, a hatchet and an itch to do something with their hands can make projects that are fun, eye-catching, and useful. This is the perfect low-effort introduction to the fun and relaxing hobby of whittling. The author has been whittling for over 60 years, and his pieces are in private collections worldwide. He is the author of Whittlin’ Whistles and Classic Whittling.

Linden Publishing is located in Fresno, California and its catalog can be found online at The Woodworker’s Library. WoodEzine’s editor, John English, has written several books for Linden. And WoodEzine has featured several carvers in the past.