South Bend cyclone dust collectors

Three New Cyclone Dust Collectors from Grizzly’s South Bend

Ideal for small professional shops and serious hobbyists, three new dust collectors from Grizzly’s South Bend brand come in 2, 3 and 5 HP versions that can accommodate multiple machines.

The largest of the three is the 5HP SB1094, which is listed at $3,500 + $149 freight. It comes with a wireless remote that has a timer for automatic shut-off, can be used with up to four machines at once, and sits on swivel casters. It has a built-in muffler system (86dB) and a 15-5/8″ steel radial fin impeller. The two-stage system deposits larger chips into the primary collection drum, while cyclonic action funnels smaller particles and fine dust into the pleated, spun-bond, polyester 1-micron filter. Automatic paddle brushes clean the filter, depositing dust into a plastic collection bag for disposal. There’s an external vacuum pressure gauge that monitors normal operation, when it is time to clean the filter, and when to replace it. The 5 HP motor draws 220 Volt, single-phase and 34 Amps. The main inlet is 10” with four 4″ adapter inlets. Airflow capacity is 2399 CFM at 2.12 SP with a maximum static pressure of 16.7″. The 1-micron filter has a surface area of 90 sq. ft. and the collection drum (with quick-release lift handle for easy sawdust disposal) holds 60 gallons. Overall dimensions are 59″ W x 38″ D x 93-1/2″ H and the shipping weight is 573 lbs.

Next up is the 3 HP model SB1099, which lists for $2,495 + $149 freight. Orders for this machine that are received before August 16th will get an extra $75 off as an introductory offer. It also has the automatic motorized filter brushes, vacuum gauge and remote-controlled magnetic switch with timer settings. This unit comes with a 52-gallon collection capacity and a three-way 4” adapter for its 8” main inlet. The 220 Volt single phase motor draws 9 Amps, airflow capacity is 1941 CFM @ 2.0″ SP and the maximum static pressure is 10.9″. The 1-micron filter surface area is 46-1/4 sq. ft. and the collector has a 16″ radial fin. It’s rated at 79-81dB and the overall dimensions are 44-1/2″ W x 46-3/4″ D x 81″ H. The shipping weight: 437 lbs.

The smallest of the three new collectors, the 2 HP model SB1092 lists for $1,795 + $149 freight. It has a 28-gallon drum, 1-micron pleated filter, lower plastic bag, casters and a wireless remote. A woodworker can connect one or two machines as it has an 8″ main inlet with two 4″ adapter inlets. As with the other machines it has a built-in vacuum pressure gauge, automatic filter cleaning, a quick-release collection drum lid. Airflow capacity here is 1700 CFM @ 2.5″ SP with a maximum static pressure: 14.8″. The impellor is a 14-1/2″ radial fin and the sound rating is 77-79 dB. The overall dimensions are 19″ W x 31″ D x 64″ H and the approximate shipping weight is 338 lbs.

Each of these new South Bend models comes with a 2-year warranty and the instruction sheets were written by U.S. based technicians. Customer Service and Technical Support are also U.S. based, and parts are available online and shipped from Springfield, Missouri.

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