MC Squares and AngleFinder from MLCS

Three New Milescraft Layout Tools from MLCS

Pennsylvania based MLCS Router Bits & Woodworking Products has introduced a pair of clever squares and an angle finder that should make layout a little easier. These inexpensive tools are made by Milescraft, which is located in Elgin, Illinois. The first is a multi-functional right-angled square called the MC-Square300 (item 400-2132, $19.99), which incorporates a standard L-shaped body with a built-in protractor for measuring angles. It has a quickly-removeable fence and punched holes in the sturdy aluminum body for very precise and repeatable marking. It can also be used to draw arcs and circles at accurate radii. To do so, simply remove the fence and secure the square with a nail or screw. There are inside and outside scales for measuring and marking the inside and outside of a workpiece. The MC-Square300 is 12″ (300mm, hence the name) on its longer side, and has elongated notches punched every 1/4″. There are two short elongated slots in the long arm that are quick angle finders for 30° and 45° angles, and the square’s body is made from 3mm thick anodized aluminum. There are three holes that are located 32mm apart and 37mm from the edge, and these are designed for laying out shelf pins. The square also has holes for laying out standard 26mm and 35mm hinge cups. The aluminum fence can be removed to lay the square flat on a workpiece.

A second square, the 6” x 4” pocket sized version (item 400-2131), is listed at $9.99.

The third new layout tool is called the AngleFinder (item 400-2134, $10.99) and it is designed to establish angles between two surfaces on inside and outside corners. It’s absolutely perfect for setting up a miter saw or a table saw miter gauge for tasks such as segmented turning. It can instantly divide an angle in half, and it has a built-in angle measurement readout that lets a woodworker set any angle once it has been determined. The locking lever secures the angle in place while transferring it to the saw. When one needs to measure an angle in a tight spot, its retractable edge guides can reach into confined spaces. Plus, the AngleFinder has notches for bar clamps to hold parts when laying out or assembling at various angles. It is made from ABS plastic and metal, and it weighs 0.7 lbs.