Quick Twist Bar Clamps from WoodCraft

Three New Quick Twist Bar Clamps from WoodCraft’s WoodRiver Tool Line

The new clamps come in 6”, 12” and 18” capacities with a 3-3/8” throat depth. The handle has been moved from the end of the jaw to the bar, allowing them to be used in some situations where a regular F-style clamp won’t fit. They have large jaw faces that provide a whole lot of surface area, which is similar to parallel clamps, and their soft jaw pads are very gentle on a workpiece. Smooth action delivers up to 330 lbs. of clamping force with the quick-twisting ergonomic handle. To use them, a woodworker holds the handle, slides the movable jaw to size, and then simply twists the handle to tighten.

The 6” clamp is Model CA-6 (item 176124) and lists at $23.99

The 12” clamp is Model CA-12 (item 176125) and lists at $26.99

The 18” clamp is Model CA-18 (item 176126) and lists at $29.99

These clamps represent a new type of product for woodworkers, which began with the Bessey Gearclamp® (shown) that WoodEzine reported on after the AWFS® Fair in 2019. That clamp comes in 6”, 12”, 18” and 24” capacities and delivers 450 lbs. of force. It also has a quick-release shift button to quickly adjust the sliding bar, and a fully enclosed gear train to keep dust and debris out. It’s made with tempered steel, has a profiled rail for durability, and uses a fiberglass reinforced housing.