Tiny Table Saw is Now Available with A Larger Table

The Byrnes 4″ Table Saw is a precision-engineered machine with accuracy measured in thousandths of an inch. It’s the perfect solution for model builders who live in apartments, but it can also be an ideal solution for prototype builders who need a high degree of accuracy with a very, very small footprint. The machine comes in 110 or 220-Volt power options and is powerful enough to tackle 15/16″ hardwood – and do so quietly. That also makes it a great choice for trade show demos. Now the saw can be ordered (or retrofitted) with a large worktable. Byrnes is offering an 18” (rather than the standard 12”) wide version that delivers rip capacity up to just under 7” wide. The new table measures 18x 10. The saw comes with a 4″ 24-tooth carbide blade, 1/8″ high rip fence and a miter gauge. All accessories listed on the website for the standard saw also fit the new table with no modification needed. The removable fence rides on two linear bearings and the miter gauge has reamed pin holes to precisely set angles from zero in both directions. The saw has a 1.5″ ID dust hose connection. Available accessories include a sliding table, a micrometer for .001 inch adjustments in the fence position (crucial for pattern makers), an extended fence, a taper gauge, a zero-clearance insert, and a tilt table for cuts up to 45 degrees. The saw comes with a 1-year warranty and is a special order item so it may require additional time for shipment.