Tool Storage from Metabo

While doctors carry black bags and accountants have leather briefcases, it seems that woodworkers are destined to tote around plastic cases. Almost every major power tool manufacturer has come up with some kind of job-site storage and transportation system, and Metabo has just added a new unit to its particular collection. The metaBOX 145 is “extremely robust and break-proof due to the material and design for maximum resilience”. The case offers great protection for tools and accessories against dirt and moisture (it has an IP43 rating), and it’s both fast and easy to stack and lock various units together. One box in the stack can easily be opened without having to de-couple it. The dimensions of the new 145 unit (the stock number is 626883000) are 15.59″ x 11.66″ x 5.72″. Its ABS cover is rated to support 275.6 lbs., even though the box itself only weighs 3.5 lbs. There’s a comfortable front handle on the 145 for carrying it briefcase style, and an extra-wide cover handle to help carry several stacked-up boxes. There are numerous tailor-made inserts available for unique arrangements inside the box, plus a roller board and trolley for mobility. There’s also an adapter plate available to secure boxes in a vehicle.