Touch Up Carbide Lathe Cutters

Carbide insert cutters are designed to be discarded when they get dull, but often all they need is a little touch-up to cut like new again. The new Carbide Cutter Honing System from Rockler (item 52632) makes it easy to hone them a little, using a 6” diamond stone and a magnetic grip. The grip securely holds the cutter as it is guided back and forth along the stone. Cutters clean up nicely to give a keen, crisp edge. The 1” x 2” grip has a molded recess that accepts all shapes and sizes of Rockler’s cutters, and it should work well for other brands, too. It has a molded recess and a little bump where the screw hole lies, and a strong magnet to hold cutters securely. The shape of the grip allows right or left handed use. (It doesn’t look like it would take much to make a shop-built wooden grip if a cutter didn’t fit in the Rockler one, or to rework the Rockler one a bit with a Dremel.) The 6” long, 1200-grit diamond honing plate has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding, and it comes with a plastic storage case and a hang hole that allows convenient storage. The magnet also holds the grip to the diamond hone.