Triton S254 Miter Saw

Triton’s New Miter Saw Isn’t Just Pretty – It’s Pretty Awesome!

It’s not listed on the U.S. site yet, but the new S254 compound miter saw from Triton Tools looks very enticing. It can be placed right up against a wall because it doesn’t have a bar protruding out the back (there’s a pair of two-stage slide bars), and it bevels both left AND right! It also has an easily set depth-of-cut for grooves and dadoes, and lots of stops, clamps and other features.

The S254 has a powerful 1800W motor (which would draw 15 Amps at 120 Volts in the U.S) and the no-load speed is 3200 RPM. It comes with a 10” (254mm, hence the name) 60-tooth, tungsten carbide tipped, HW blade. (The HW is a German grading for hard metal.) It has a smooth dual bar, fixed or sliding cutting head and a laser cut line indicator. This is a very flexible saw – for compound cuts it bevels 47 degrees left and 45 degrees right while mitering 50 degrees left and right. There’s a tool-free groove/dado depth adjustment, plus tool-free side supports, stops, upper fence adjustment and a workpiece clamp. The saw comes with a dust bag, hex key, and upper fence. It has miter detents and a nice over-ride system for in-between angles, and the adjustable upper fence slides above the regular fence to support larger workpieces. Sliding supports with built-in stops help with longer parts, and the adjustable laser guide has two-way calibration so it can be set to read on either side of the cut line. There’s also a 33.9-degree bevel detent for creating crown moldings, and a dust collection port. The saw weighs about 44 lbs, and there’s a 44-second silent YouTube™ video.

Woodworkers who are interested in the new saw (or other Triton products) can find a local U.S. dealer here.

A few months ago, WoodEzine reported on the Triton mini plane that finally became available in the U.S. Let’s hope this saw doesn’t take as long to hit American shelves.