Two 18 Volt Saws from Bosch, One Is Track Ready

Bosch has released two almost identical 7-1/4” circular saws, the main difference being in the bases. One (the GKS18V-25CN) has a standard flat base, while the other (the GKS18V-25GCN) has a relief for a track.

Both saws have a 2-1/2” cut capacity, easily cutting through two-by material across the entire bevel range. They are both members of the Profactor™ System, which pairs Biturbo brushless technology with a CORE18V battery. This is a high-performance motor and drive-train system that’s designed to deliver power comparable to that of high-demand corded tools. It features connectivity (that module is sold separately), which can link users to a connected device via the Bosch Toolbox App to customize settings and receive detailed feedback.

For more information on this technology, visit a WoodEzine report from last year about its release in Europe. (If you click on the image while you’re there, you’ll go to the Bosch website and be asked to accept cookies.)

Both saws have a 0-50° bevel range while the auxiliary handle improves stability and handling. And they have an electronic convenience brake for less downtime between cuts and a 360° pivoting port directing dust away from the body when the saw is held in either hand.

The track-ready saw (GKS18V-25GCN) has an ECO mode that extends run-time by up to 30%. One-Touch depth-adjustment allows quick, accurate change with one hand. An onboard user interface provides speed-setting control with six settings and tool feedback. This saw is compatible with Bosch and other select track-guidance systems, enabling users to make straight cuts fast.