Two New Handsaws at Garrett Wade, from Thomas Flinn in Sheffield, England

Newly arrived at Garrett Wade are an 8” Pax dovetail saw (item 35T01.06, $142) and a 14” Pax tenon saw (35T01.07, $135) from a city that has a venerable history in cutlery, stainless steel and crucible steel production. Sheffield is located in the center of England and nearby coalmining combined with steel mills to make it an important hub throughout the industrial revolution. The dovetail saw features a beautifully designed beech handle and a sharp 20-tpi blade for smooth, accurate cuts – even during those marathon sessions at the bench. The saw measures 12” long with a maximum blade depth of 2-1/4”. A well-made tenon saw is mandatory for craftspeople who plan on cutting fine joinery by hand. The second saw here is a workhorse backsaw that is far more precise and agile than a panel saw, but faster and more aggressive than a dovetail saw. The weighty brass back powers your cut and ensures a dead-straight blade through the most temperamental softwoods or the hardest exotic, tropical hardwoods. It excels at cutting its namesake joints and can also be employed to cut boards to length, create dados, or cut miters with the aid of a miter box (or without, if you’re feeling brave!). The saw is filed crosscut with a relatively fine 15-tpi, resulting in a cleaner finished surface with less chance of tear-out. The beech handle has solid brass screws, and the blade depth is 3-1/8”.