Milwaukee First Aid Kits

Two New Packout™ First Aid Kits from Milwaukee

Milwaukee Tool in Brookfield, Wisconsin has just introduced two new first aid kits that come in plastic cases that are part of the company’s Packout storage and transporting system. The larger of the two (item 48-73-8430) contains 204 pieces, and the small version (item 48-73-8435) has 76 pieces.

Let’s start with the large kit (it has a gray background in the photo). This Class B Type III First Aid Kit has an impact-resistant body that keeps the contents safe from drops and bumps on the jobsite. An IP65 rated weather seal protects bandages, adhesives, antibiotics, and other essential medical supplies from rain and other jobsite debris. Its no-travel bin seals keep all contents secure and in their proper place and includes 204 essential first aid items tailored to the most common injuries encountered on the jobsite. The transparent lid of the organizer seals the contents from migrating and shifting during transport. Heavy duty latches and reinforced hinges ensure that the organizer keeps the contents contained and protected.

This kit Includes fifty adhesive bandages, five yards of 2-1/2” adhesive tape, twenty-five antibiotic ointments, fifty antiseptic towelettes, a CPR face shield with a one-way valve, two burn dressings, twenty-five burn creams, two instant cold packs, two oval eye pads, eyewash, the American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Guide, ten hand sanitizers, four disposable Nitrile gloves (large), two 2″ x 4 -yard conforming gauze rolls, a pair of 4″ offset scissors, a two-pack of 3″ x 3″ sterile gauze dressing pads, a 1″ x 18″ tourniquet, four 5″ x 9″ trauma pads, two triangular bandages, six 2-packs of Aspirin, six 2-packs of non-Aspirin, a wall hanger and screws.  

In all there are eight small and two large bins and the kit measures 19.7″ W x 15.2″ D x 4.6″ H.

The smaller kit contains 76 first aid items, most of which are similar to the larger version but in lesser quantities.

As part of our Woodshop Basics guide, WoodEzine has published a PDF on shop safety that can be downloaded for free and perhaps shared with new employees.