Two New South Bend Dust Collectors from Grizzly

Grizzly has just added a pair of serious yet affordable dust collectors from its South Bend brand to the catalog.

The SB1100 ($845 plus $149 freight) is a 2 HP, 220 Volt, 9 Amp, single phase machine. Equipped with a 12” radial fin impellor, it generates 1103 CFM at 3.5” of static pressure (the max SP is 11.95”). It filters down to 1 micron. The main 6” inlet has three 4” adaptors, so the collector can service up to three machines. There is a large 80 square foot filter surface (six times the surface area of a bag) and a 33-1/2-gallon clear view debris bag. The SB1100 runs at 81 to 83 decibels and ships at 165 lbs. It has a remote-controlled magnetic switch, a vacuum gauge that tells the woodworker when the filter needs servicing, and motorized filter paddle brushes that automatically shake and clean the filters at regular intervals. It rides on a steel stand with locking casters.

The larger SB1101 ($1,325 plus $149 freight) is a 3 HP, 240 Volt, single phase, 12 Amp model with two canisters and it’s designed to service three machines simultaneously. It can accommodate up to 67 gallons of waste in two clear bags. As with the SB1100, this model has automatic motorized filter brushes that clean the internal dust from the canister filter pleats at regular intervals. It also has the vacuum gauge, locking casters and remote-control features. Here, the main inlet is 7” with the three-way 4” adapter. Airflow is 1429 at 3.2” SP, and the shipping weight is 237 lbs.

For more information on South Bend’s connection to Grizzly, click here.