Bridge city's new Combination Squares

Two Superb Combination Squares from Bridge City Tool

Calling them “a radical redesign of the iconic combination square”, Bridge City has introduced both 6” (item CS-6v2) and 12” (item CS-12v2) heirloom quality versions of the tool and listed the pair at $199. These instruments function as right angle squares, miter squares, depth gauges and marking gauges, and they come with both metric and inch markings.

The new squares each have two sculpted legs separated by a black web. Used as a try square, each is individually calibrated to be within 0.0002” (o.05mm) at the full 6 or 12-inch extension of the blade. Used as a miter square, each features a 45-degree leg that transfers the angle with great precision. As a depth gauge, either tool can be used to determine the dimensions of mortises, dadoes, rabbets and other recesses. And as marking gauges they can be used to lay out lines quickly and precisely.

The 45-degree legs are 2-11/16” on the 6” square, and 4-3/4” on the 12” square.

The inch blades are marked both left and right-reading in 16ths and 32nds. The metric blade readings are in 1mm increments with a short length at 0.05 resolution. A woodworker can flip the square over and view the same scale on the same edge, rather than the normal guessing game with some traditional models. All of the gradation markings are laser-etched and easy to read.

Both of the new combination squares are milled from mild steel plate stock that has great rust and wear resistance, and the body and legs are coated by physical vapor deposition (PVD, a metal vapor of titanium, chromium and aluminum) for “unmatched scratch resistance and incredible hardness”.  

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