More powerful UR10e from Universal Robots

Universal Robot Introduces Cobot with 25% More Lifting Power

The Danish company Universal Robots has its North American headquarters in Boston, and regional facilities in Michigan, New York, California and Texas. The company has just unveiled an enhanced version of its popular UR10e that has a 25% greater payload. This is a collaborative robot (cobot) that’s designed to work safely in a cell alongside humans and sense their presence. The new model can handle more applications and heavier items that previous ones. It now has a payload capacity of 27.55lbs. even though its price remains unchanged. It also retains its small footprint, intuitive programming and repeatability. It can load and unload heavier doors and other components, and that can translate into improved ergonomics and working conditions for the humans around it. Overexertion and repetitive motion account for an estimated 24% and 8% of workplace injuries respectively in the U.S.

The updated UR10e also provides plug-and-play compatibility with products from Universal Robots’ UR+ ecosystem of hardware and software peripherals, ensuring that users can quickly and easily get started with collaborative applications.

The UR family of collaborative robots offers 3, 5, 12.5 (this model) and 16 kg (35 + lbs) payload options with six degrees of freedom, incredible flexibility, and easy integration into existing production environments. They are used for assembly, driving screws, parts insertion, gluing, finishing, sanding, machine tending CNCs, parts moving, milling, routing, drilling, quality inspection and other tasks in woodshops. UR also hosts a forum for people who wish to connect with robot enthusiasts of all skill levels to ask questions, share, and learn.

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