Universal Robots has added the UR20 cobot

Universal Robots Redefines the Cobot

The Danish company Universal Robots has just added the UR20 cobot to its lineup.

A cobot is a collaborative robotic arm that can sense humans and avoid contact with them. This magnificent new machine has a 20kg (44lbs) payload, hence the name. That means it can pick up, move, and work on a huge number of cabinet and furniture parts. It is also the lightest long-reach cobot in its class, with a 68.9” reach. And it has been re-engineered from the ground up with a new joint design. That increased all of the joints’ torque ratings by approximately 25%, and the joint speeds by as much as 65%. Even with these faster speeds, the cobot’s joint complexity was reduced because there are 50% fewer parts being used, and that adds up to a big leap in reliability.

Universal Robots anticipates an overall increase in TCP speed (tool center point) of 100%.

The benefits of the UR20 are significant, from faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads, to greater reach with a small footprint. It has advanced software enhancements, giving users unprecedented motion control capabilities. The company has sold more than 50,000 cobots over the years and the design team has drawn on the knowledge gained through that established customer baseto create this latest product.

Repetitive, low value tasks cause workers to lose focus and increase the likelihood of errors. That results in inconsistent parts, and delayed production schedules. Plus, 8% of factory injuries happen because of repetitive motions, and another 24% are due to overexertion. The UR20 collaborative robot can now automate more of what strains workers. The flexible cobot can process a diverse range of large dimension parts for tasks such as cutting, drilling, machining and routing. And because it’s mountable in any position, it easily moves around workplace objects such as machine tending doors.

The UR20 is expected to be available for pre-order in late Q4 2022, and it will begin shipping in Q2 2023.