Yeti Smartbench CNC

Update on the Yeti Portable CNC

We first reported on the new Yeti CNC at the 2019 AWFS show in Las Vegas, where it made quite a stir. This was full-scale CNC performance (up to a 4×8 sheet) in a portable package that set up in a few minutes and was very easy to use. Since then, Yeti has evolved into three models – all quite similar and differing only a little in price and the level of control.

The SmartBench V1.2 Standard is the entry level machine now, and it’s billed as a large format large format CNC router that is designed to accommodate those on the tightest of budgets ($7,500 including shipping), while still delivering a tool to produce large scale projects in small spaces. It uses a standard spindle with manual speed control, and an OZ collet system. When it’s combined with ShapeCutter, the company’s new console based cutting app, a woodworker gets an intuitive and powerful tool. And for those who are new to CNC, ShapeCutter has a walk-through job wizard that really simplifies getting started.  

Next up is the SmartBench V1.2 Precision, which runs $8,000 including shipping. This machine  is aimed at small to medium sized businesses that require a little extra control and performance from a CNC. It comes with the new high performance Yeti SC1 spindle which has digital speed control, an ER16 precision collet system, and auto tool stop if the spindle is under too much constant load.

The top-of-the-line machine is the SmartBench V1.2 PrecisionPro ($8,500, including shipping), which Yeti says is “for anyone who requires a higher degree of performance and accuracy from a CNC”. Building on the features of the SmartBench Precision, the Precision Pro comes with real time spindle load display, which provides access to all the cutting information needed while running a job. It also has an additional lead screw to improve rigidity in the Z-axis, and a laser X/Y datum which makes setting a job start point both quick and incredibly accurate.