Upgrade Your Air Compressor


A new refrigerant dryer from Atlas Copco Compressors in Rock Hill, South Carolina builds on the company’s energy-saving Variable Speed Drive compressor technology. Compressed air exits a woodshop’s compressor 100% saturated. As it cools, moisture condenses, which can damage the air system and cause system failures. That can mean production downtime, and costly repairs. The new dryer matches its power consumption to a shop’s actual air flow at a constant dew-point, and it has a newly designed heat exchanger with a built-in limited pressure drop. That technology results in up to 50% savings on indirect energy costs, and helps minimize the shop’s carbon footprint. To provide advanced monitoring and control, the FD VSD dryer includes an Elektronikon touch screen controller. Dry air protects the shop’s investment in pneumatic tools, instruments and piping from moisture that can foul mechanisms, skew instrument readings, and cause corrosion and leaks. It also ensures higher product quality.