UV System Offers Extremely Wide Gloss Range

More and more woodshops are turning toward UV curing as a way to coat kitchens and other casework. It’s a green technology that emits almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) into the atmosphere. And cost savings for woodworkers are dramatic when switching to UV because of reduced downtime for gloss changeovers and maintenance, less energy and parts consumption, fewer coating formulas and improved product quality and consistency. Return on investment will typically be less than one year. At IWF Connect in October, Miltec UV in Stevensville, Maryland put its Gloss Control technology on display. Miltec manufactures both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems, and the system it introduced at the online show lets woodshops achieve an extremely wide gloss range (as high as 50 gloss units) using a single UV coating. The results are repeatable, as the system stores recipes. It was specifically designed for manufacturers of hardwood flooring, cabinetry, furniture, molding, panels and sheets, trim, windows and doors. The Gloss Control system requires a smaller number of HPI UV lamps, which means lower energy use and lower operating costs. It offers reliable performance with consistent UV output, and repeatable results with the ability to easily make instant changes to gloss levels on varying products. This is a very easy UV system to maintain because of its advanced operator interface and controls, and it delivers variable UV output from 40% to 100% in 1% increments. It has an increased cure speed compared to UV systems currently used in production, offers an easy retrofit to replace old equipment, and it’s even made in the USA.