Vacuum table Holds Parts for Finishing, Sanding, Routing


The new vacuum table (SKU 710) from Minnesota based Betterly Tools has a grid top that accepts gasket material that can be used to hold parts for machining. The plate is 14-5/8″ square and it comes with a pneumatic vacuum pump. It can also be used with a woodshop’s existing electric vacuum pump. The pneumatic pump uses standard compressed air to generate vacuum – approximately 85 psi air will create 27.5″Hg of vacuum, and will consume 1.9 scfm of air when on. One can simply move the gasket to hold different shaped or sized parts. It could probably be easily adapted to hold workpieces on a small desktop CNC, although the literature doesn’t mention this. The sturdy steel stand provides a rigid work surface, and can be bolted to the floor if needed. It would be ideal for sanding or finishing parts. there’s an air valve On-Off switch, and the package includes 60″ of gasket material. An extra length of foam gasket is just $8.75. For woodworkers who don’t need the stand, or want to build their own or mount grid to an existing table, the vacuum plate (grid) or the vacuum pump are available separately.