Veritas Miniature Bench Vise

New from Lee valley is a miniature Veritas vise (item 05P8601), which is listed at $39.50. It’s an ideal addition to a worktable or a bench for woodworkers who need to handle small or delicate parts, or who simply don’t have room for a larger vise. At 7-9/16″ long, 4-7/16″ wide, 1-1/8″ tall and just over 16 oz, it matches the scale of the company’s line of miniature tools but this is a robust vise in its own right. It is a good way to hold small parts and apply controlled clamping or spreading force. It is made of investment-cast stainless steel and aluminum, all of which are machined within close tolerances to minimize slack and ensure smooth travel. The wooden handle could be easily upgraded by anyone with access to a lathe. The screw mechanism provides 4-1/2″ of overall travel, so it will hold stock that is that thick less the thickness of a shop-made wooden jaw and the workbench apron, if there is one. Instructions are included for installation and creating your own wooden jaws. The vise is made in Canada.