Vintage Stanley Fully Brass-Bound Folding Rules From Garrett Wade

Vintage Stanley Rules from Garrett Wade

Garrett Wade says the company got incredibly lucky when one of their “tool hunters” discovered a cache of special vintage Stanley folding rules. An upgrade of the standard two-foot version, these fully brass-bound tools tend to hold their shape and straightness much better over time. Made in New Britain, Connecticut, when Stanley was at its quality peak, these were trusted measuring tools for cabinetmakers worldwide. They have boxwood and brass construction, with gradients down to 1/32”, and are 2 feet long when fully open. There are two models here: the Stanley #62 and the Stanley #36, which also includes a small caliper on one end. Other more minor variations are to be expected from tool to tool, but these are all in exceptional condition and will attract collectors and users alike. Quantities are extremely limited.