Wall Cabinet Door Lifter System

Coming from Kernersville, N.C. based Grass USA in February is the new Kinvaro T-Slim lifter system. Large, handle-free doors can open upwards in a smooth and even motion thanks to Kinvaro’s L-80 spring assist. There are four options – the T-Series Lifter, Bifold Lifter, Parallel Lifter and Drop-down System…

Starting at the top left, the T-series Lifter opens a single door and pivots it to the top of the wall cabinet. It has integrated soft-close and stay-put features and is available for doors with glass inserts or aluminum frames, and also for face frame applications.

At top right, the Bi-fold Lifter system is designed to move two horizontal doors together, to offer maximum access to the cabinet’s interior. Yet the lower door is still within easy reach for closing.

With the Parallel Lifter (bottom left), a single panel front opens upwards in a smooth, even motion, with absolute precision and in parallel with the wall cabinet.

And the Drop-down system (bottom right) combines Kinvaro’s D flap with the Tiomos Flap hinge to create aesthetically clean lines, a minimalistic look and easy access to the cabinet contents. Kinvaro D offers an integrated damping system that delivers gentle opening that rests at 90° with the assistance of the Tiomos hinge.