New species at Hearne hardwoods

What’s New at Hearne Hardwoods?

Over the past few months Hearne has added a fresh selection of kiln dried Port Orford cedar, plus some persimmon, Spanish cedar and redwood burl. The company has also stocked up on 4/4 and 8/4 purpleheart – about 1,000 board feet in each dimension. The cedar is “gorgeous tight growth material”, and it is all quartersawn/rift cut. The quality is mixed: there’s some clear and some with knots or checks, etc. Click here to learn more about Port Orford cedar.

There’s about 150 board feet of persimmon (which is our only native ebony), and it has some checking and voids. It’s priced at $20-30 a board foot depending on quality, and has been planed to show color. It was added to the inventory a month ago, so check on availability.

The Spanish cedar is South American grown (cedrela odorata) and is a good option for outdoor furniture, doors, fencing and cigar humidors. The four quarter material in this species is 8’ to 9′ long and mostly 6” to 10″ wide. There was approximately 600 board feet available. And the eight quarter is in 10’ to 12′ lengths and in widths from about 6” to 11”. There are about 800 board feet in the rack. To learn more about Spanish cedar, click here.

Hearne’s new redwood burl inventory is sliced to mostly 8/4 thick and comes in random shapes, some of which are as long as 5′ and as wide as 38” (tapering at each end). They’re priced at $50 per board foot. To see more about redwood lace burl, click here.

And the 8/4 newly added inventory of purpleheart lumber ranges from 8’ to 18’ long by a fixed width of about 8 inches. The 4/4 is 9’ to 10’ long by about 6 or 12 inches wide. Click here for notes on purpleheart. There’s also about 100 board feet of redheart available in 4/4 thickness, 6’ to 7’ long and 4” to 8” wide. For more information or to place an order, contact Ed at 888.814.0007 or email him at

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