Wood Thread Taps

Woodworkers have been using metalworking taps to make threads in wood for decades, but the results can be less than ideal. These new taps from Infinity Tools in Oldsmar, Florida are made of high-speed steel and are then Chrome-Armor plated for durability, lubricity, and corrosion resistance. They produce clean and sharp threads in hardwood or softwood, and are machined to tight tolerances for precision and accuracy. Unlike metalworking taps that tend to ‘crush’ a thread into the wood,the new taps cut cleanly and have ideal flute geometry and chip clearance for making defined threads. The taps feed effortlessly into drilled holes without burning or binding. A woodworker can drill up to 3-¼” deep while cutting threads almost to the very bottom of a blind hole. And unlike metal working taps that have a square drive, they have a machined hex shank that won’t slip in the drill chuck. The company laser marks each tap with its thread size and suggested pilot hole diameter for softwood and plywood. For hardwoods, they recommend drilling a pilot hole that is 1/32” larger than that. The taps are available in six Imperial sizes from ¼”-20 to 9/16”-12, and also in three metric sizes: M6, M8, and M10. They are available individually ($19.90 to $24.90 each), or in sets – 6-piece Imperial, 3-piece metric, or 9-piece Imperial and metric.