Woodcraft Adds JET Planer/Jointer with Knives or Inserts

Woodcraft Supply LLC is now carrying the JET JPJ-12B (item 184281, $3,999.99), which is a dual function machine that allows quick changeovers between jointing and planing. It has an extra-large aluminum extruded fence that can stay put when changing functions, and a built-in dust chute. There’s a 3 HP motor, and a heavy-duty, fully welded steel base cabinet. The machine has heavy-duty cast iron tables with a ground finish, and a large handwheel for quick and precise adjustments of planer table. The parallelogram design keeps the table close to the cutter head for improved finish, and it allows for precise depth of cut adjustments. The cutterhead has three high-speed steel knives, and a version with 42 four-sided helical cutters is also available (item 184282, $5,599.99). The motor is single phase, 230V and 15 Amp full load (4.5 Amps running). The cutterhead rotates at 5300 RPM, and the 4” dust chute requires a minimum of 550 CFM. There are two feed rates, 16 and 26 FPM. The fence has positive stops at 90 and 45 degrees, and the fence measures 43-1/4″ long x 5-7/8″ high. The jointer can handle boards up to 12” wide on its 55” long table. The planer has a 25” long table and can handle stock up to 12” wide and 8-3/4” thick. It can take passes up to 5/32” depending on the material. The JPJ-12B weighs 453 lbs. (the shipping weight is 607 lbs.). It comes with two push blocks, a hex wrench, and a knife gauge. There’s a $99 shipping fee.

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