Woodpeckers Cordless Drill Station

This handy metal shelf from Ohio-based Woodpeckers will start shipping in late December and is listed at $199.99 but that may change soon as it’s an introductory offer. The cordless drill station attaches to the shop wall with a couple of lag screws and can accommodate up to four drills or impact drivers. The shelf at the top can hold chargers, extra batteries, or perhaps a set of drill bits. Hangers and hooks at the ends can keep other benchtop items close at hand. The shelf and the outside edges of the drill rack are laser cut and the entire assembly is powder-coated for durability and good looks. The shelf is drilled and tapped to hold four of the company’s Cubby Drawers, which are handy for holding fasteners, drill bits etc. They can be labeled with a dry-erase pen. The assembled station is 9” x 9” x 23-1/2” wide.