Woodworking made Izy

Woodworking Made Izy

Woodshops that own major machines from different manufacturers might benefit from the new Woodworking made Izy system. Seven world leaders in woodworking machinery – Biesse, Bürkle, Homag, IMA Schelling, SCM, Weber and Weinig – have created a standardized interface to connect all their woodworking machines, both machine-to-machine and also machine to the customers’ MES (manufacturing execution system). This means no individual interfaces need to be programmed and an overall control of the production process is easy to put in place. Any technology, either cutting, sizing, edge-banding, CNC machining, drilling, molding, assembly or packaging can be connected on the shop floor as easily as connecting a printer in the office. For example, a shop can now connect a Weinig automatic profiling machine to an SCM brand CNC machining center, and then add a Bürkle surface finishing system to the process. Izy makes it possible to establish data exchange with reduced costs in a flexible way, which is of special value to small and medium sized companies. There’s no longer a need to develop tailored software and interfaces. Now, it’s a simple click.