20-volt MAKERX Hub Kit from WORX WO7115

Worx Variable Speed Power Kit Runs Detailing Tools

The new 20-volt MAKERX Hub Kit from WORX (item WO7115) includes a rheostatic speed control called the HubX, plus a battery and a charger. It’s designed to run any one of the company’s detailing craft tools, which include a flexible LED light, a rotary tool, a small angle grinder for detailed work, a wood burner, a rotary saw, a hot melt glue gun, an airbrush, an airbrush nozzle, and a mini heat gun. The HubX connects to any 20V Power Share™ battery and it has a four-foot-long flexible cord that allows for unencumbered movement when working with any of the tools. The control (with a battery attached) can by clipped to a woodworker’s belt and go anywhere – the cord goes between the tool and the Control Switch provides accurate Variable Speed control in applicable tools. There’s a large On/Off button that is sealed and lit, and the hub includes a USB port to charge electronic devices while working, using the same 20V battery. The remarkably inexpensive kit includes the MAKERX HubX power source (WA7151), a 2.0Ah battery (WA3525), and a five-hour charger (WA3742). The same battery powers more than seventy-five 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share™ family. Worx offers both the Hub and the HubX power sources. Both models adapt 20V battery power for the MAKERX crafting tools, and the new HubX includes a USB charging outlet and a belt clip.